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Rustic CopperIn 2007 I began making handcrafted jewelry as a much needed creative outlet while working towards a degree in Biology. I was drawn to jewelry as a tactile art form and love its unique potential as personal adornment – the right jewelry allows the wearer to communicate something as changeable as a mood or as integral as individual personality.

Like the Wild Carrot plant Daucus carota, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace, my jewelry is well suited for both rustic and urban habitats. Lovingly formed and textured metal takes on a new life as humble elements combine into objects of wearable art that reflect both natural and urban influences – at once simple & delicate while a little rough around the edges.

About Me

As a child I did my best to feed my insatiable curiosity by reading and exploring everything around me – from the myriad plants and creatures that called the nearby field home to the finer points of Sycamore leaf structure found in our front yard. An observer by nature I was always fascinated by the little things, the details that set things apart and generally go unnoticed.

My curious nature eventually brought me to work at an independent import store. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the unique character of handmade objects from all over the world. It was then that my affinity for jewelry began. It was quite some time later that my love of pattern, texture and structure finally blossomed into Wild Carrot Studio (any Leo the Late Bloomer fans out there?).

Inspiration comes from all around me: nature, organic forms, science, architecture, history, found objects. I love making jewelry for what the process gives to me but I also hope that the resulting creative expressions will resonate with you and perhaps even become part of your personal expression of identity – a conversation about experiencing the world.

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